stephanie3 CopyOccasionally I have a small stall at Rockabilly and alternative markets armed with my silk floral headpieces and bouquets. My stall tends to be quite popular, with little noses popping in to try on the elaborate wears and play Bride with the posies.

One such lovely was a gorgeous young lady called Stephanie who was enthralled with my Minerva headpiece. She had some fun trying it on and taking selfies and that was that.

Months later I received a charming email from Stephanie asking me to create for her a special headpiece that would polish off her Fashion Diploma final garment.

I leapt at the chance and with only the colour scheme and a pencil sketch of the gown to go off, I made this silk floral piece for her.

Now you can all enjoy the professional photos taken of the whole ensemble, Stephanie's incredible dress and my matching floral crown.

For any particular orders please email me and we can talk about working on something together.