Ekka 2014

This year the Ekka (Brisbane Royal Show) Horticulture Pavilion was asking for what every girl wants - MORE FLOWERS!

So to make life interesting and to add an extra Va Va Voom to the Horticultural CatWalk Fashion Show, I put my hand up to create a piece of wearable floral glory!

This was a huge undertaking as I'd never done anything on this scale before. Me being me, I bit off what I thought would be more than I can chew and opted to build a big, fluffy, dramatic fresh flower bustle and matching tiara.

Still finalizing my amazing piece of awesomness at 2am, I was able to sneak in about 4 hours sleep before it was off to the Show!

The reaction that my creation received was nothing short of mind-blowing! All the models were biffing each other for the chance to flaunt it on the runway and everywhere we turned was a plethora of iphone paparrazzi! It was what I like to tag; "Super Duper!"

Keep a lookout for next year, cuz this girl has a taste for the flambouyant and I'll be turning it up to 11!

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